20th October 2017

Reading log #4

Anton Cousins

Text title: About A Boy

Written by Laura Williamson

Text type: Article

Stevie Smith was a young boy who lived with his single mother in a small town in BC Canada. With big dreams of becoming a pro mountain biker, Stevie and his mother were dedicated to the sport. He was invited to feature in a year-long film project called seasons, riding along with the mountain bike legends Thomas Vanderham, Andrew Shandro and Steve Peat. This would be the catalyst for his future success, from the age of 15 he was dominating the local competitions and with the popularity of the film, he was sucked into the big leagues. His dreams came true in the Austrian Alps in the summer of 2013, when he claimed first place and the world cup finals. He was the best and he had succeeded. To the despair of the mountain biker community, on the 10 May 2016, he sadly passed away after a motorcycle crash causing a massive brain injury.

Stevie and his mother took his ambitious goals very seriously, it was their drive and determination that took Stevie to where he wanted to be. “Every time I take him up there, it’s just one ride closer to getting what he wants, what he’s aiming for”, Tianna. The text emphasises the importance of dedication and self-discipline when striving for a long-term goal. Stevie always was trying to improve, even when he was at the top of his game. Throughout the article, it is made clear that many people admired his skills and his sheer willpower. “He was a great kid to hang out with and pretty mature for his age. Obviously he was absolutely shredding the park and so exciting to ride behind… he was somebody that you naturally wanted to put behind the lens”, Darcy Wittenburg director of the film seasons.

This text is relevant to the rest of the world, as it explains what one person can achieve with just a strong mindset. It is one of many examples of the commitment it requires to achieve big. This doesn’t only apply to biking or extreme sports, it is a vital part of any accomplishment, from excelling in your sport to doing well at school. It shows that it’s not your background that is significant it all depends on how much you want it and how much you’re willing to work hard for your goal.

This article can teach the reader that anyone can succeed with the time and effort put in. This is an important aspect of society as it equalizes the pool of opportunity. some people get opportunities easier than other, this is not to say that it has any effect on who succeeds and who doesn’t, it all comes down to the person themself.

The text connects with my personal views, it is inspiring to know that someone so young can go on to achieve so big. Being in the mountain biking world myself, I have met many different people with a range of successes. Everyone I’ve met comes from different backgrounds, however, I have never seen this affect how someone rides. This connects with my experiences as my parents have supported me in competing, and I know how hard it would be with their supportive force to help you along. The article made me think just would the will behold, and if there is a chance of following his footsteps.

I would highly recommend this article, As Stevie achieved so much in the short lifespan that he had. It is an Inspiring story and one that should be expressed to as many people as possible, as Stevie is one to remember.

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