20th October 2017

Reading log #3

Anton Cousins

Text title: Self Motivated, SPOKE magazine

Written by Mike Hopkins

Text type: Article

Mike Hopkins speaks about his life story of becoming a photographer in the mountain biking world. The article starts off with the importance of motivation and how it is sparked. He goes on to explain his childhood and how he quickly veered towards imagery and the artistic side of the sport. He had to be self motivated to go take photos himself, as there were no opportunities for other photographers to help in the small town of rossland, british columbia. He soon learnt to take selfies, not so much the self you would think of, instead he managed to take photos of himself mountain biking.

Throughout the article there is an obvious theme around motivation. Hopkins explains where the tipping point where motivation is key to make progress. He states how he was always into the creative side of things and wanted to make a career from doing what he loves… mountain biking and photography. Although, having something you’re passionate about would make it much easier to be motivated. “I would find myself in amazing locations with no one to operate the shutter. So i had two options; throw in the towel and leave empty handed, or pick up the camera and learn to document experiences solo. Insert: motivation”. He finds motivation in imagery and with motivation comes the ability to get out there, get passionate and really put your full effort into something.

The article parallels to the real world as it explains the importance of motivation. Hopkins states that there was the motivation for him to work on his photography through just the love of it, and in real life the motivation to have things done to the full potential is key. “Motivation is a strange thing. First of all, it usually goes hand in hand with a catalyst. You know, a situation that stokes an internal fire and says “ditch the excuses and get things done”. In society everyone has their own hobbies or interests and those who can keep motivated even when things go south, are the ones who will lead a successive future.

The text has a valuable lesson to be read. Motivation tends comes from that you enjoy, there for doing something you enjoy as a job is almost vital for being an effective worker. It is something that should be a vital part of life, to live up to yourself as an individual and pursue what you really want. I think this is an important life lesson to not pursue something just for the fame or fortune, rather do something that is enjoyable and motivates you to live day by day to the fullest.

As mountain biking is a big part of my life right now, articles such as this one can be great insight of other pathways in the mountain biking world. Learning about different careers and possibilities that come with the sport is something that i value, and as this has become my passion it motivates me to do the extra things such as stay fit and healthy.

I would recommend this text to those who need inspiration and motivation. It is a funny but informative text, telling the life story of Hopkins getting motivation, being proactive. And only through that came the eagerness to learn and strive at his chosen profession. “i ride with my canon 60D in my camelback and if a location or opportunity presents itself i’ll shoot an entirely different type of ‘selfie’, so hold onto your towel, get motivated, and see where you end up”.

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