20th October 2017

Reading Log #1

Anton Cousins

Text title: The interview-Troy Brosnan

Written by Matt Wragg

Text type: Interview

Troy Brosnan, a professional downhill mountain biker from Australia has recently switched to a new factory team and is being interviewed about the team’s progress so far. Brosnan speaks about past world cups and the ups and downs that came with it. He goes on to talk about the team and how they are progressing, then leads on to explain how the fresh, untested and unproven bike has affected his riding.

There is a repetitive theme of being addicted to racing shows in the interview. Brosnan is at a point where it’s all is coming together, and he has a feeling of excitement towards what is coming around the corner. The text is an insight into what happens in the life of a pro, it’s based around the biking team though has more background story than bike facts. Brosnan expresses that he is looking towards big goals this season and is grateful for all the years of riding with other world cup riders, saying “Coming into the first year I raced in 2010 underneath Sam and Brendan, it was a good thing for me. I learned so much from them”. Brosnan explains that riding with these older riders has improved his skill evidently and now he can utilise those years of training and racing to put it all into one season. This theme of Brosnan’s eagerness to race is brought up all throughout the interview, when it comes to talk about his new bike and how it’s coping, he says that “riding it for a few months now, it’s been really good and the level that I’m feeling that I’m on is really fast and probably the fastest I’ve ever been. I feel like I can push this bike a little bit further than I could push the other bike”.


Mountain Biking in its current form is a relatively new sport, but with the recent increase of public attention towards the sport, there has become a sort of culture around it. Brosnan is one of many who have influenced the look of Downhill itself, increasing the popularity and with that brought funding for the ever going expansion of the sport. Mountain Bike parks are being built all over the planet, making it more inviting and easier to pursue, for those who aren’t yet hooked.


Throughout the whole of the human race, we have been idolising and putting people in the position of power. With the ever-growing mountain biking community, more people are looking up to the top riders, getting motivated and keen to ride. This is can teach us that people follow others, people of higher publicity or skill can inspire those who watch from the sidelines. From one person doing something exceptional, a spark of interest can occur, from that spark of interest could grow a hobby, and from that you could end up engulfed, enthusiastic about what you’re doing no matter what happens. All because of that guy you saw racing down the mountainside.


This text is quite interesting, it’s Good to know the point of view that a pro takes to mountain biking. It gives me inspiration to pursue the sport to further lengths, and to have knowledge of what goes down in the big leagues when they are not on screen, plummeting down the mountain side. It also goes to show how much they are involved in the bike design, i think that would be such an honor to be apart of the design area and is something that i want to check off the bucket list.


I would recommend this text only to those who have some sense of the mountain biking world. It is very specific when it comes to bikes, places, slang and generally everything. However, for those who are interested i would recommend the read as it is interesting to know the viewpoints of a world cup racer. It is a good informative interview and if you’re wanting to keep up with some of the world cup news, it is the perfect for you.

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